Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Who is Uno Kudo? Tracey Lander Garrett

They say that vampires are just mythical creatures, now popularized by campy presently-popular romance novels, but prior to the mayhem that was Stephanie Myers and True Blood, the most popular sometimes-fanged creatures in our circle, was and is Tracey. 

With creamy, porcelain-like skin, snaptastic wit and even at times scissor sharp incisors, she makes you wonder if maybe...just maybe...? As fascinating as that may be (which believe me, it can be, especially when you know her), it doesn't even come close to measuring up to what and how she writes. 

Who is Uno Kudo?

Uno Kudo is Tracey Lander-Garrett

Your poem is called "The Tin Man's Lament."  Tell us about your interest in the Wizard of Oz - in other words, why the Tin Man, and not Dorothy, the Wizard, or even the Wicked Witch?

I have always found the Tin Man the most interesting character of Dorothy's companions in the film.  I mean, sure, as a little girl I admired those sparkly red pumps that Dorothy wore as much as any other, but her haplessness was never all that appealing.  As for the Wizard, he was a a disappointing phony, and you know, we've already got Wicked to tell the Witch's story.  

The Tin Man--forgotten in the woods, frozen due to rust, struck me as a particularly lonely and brave character.  He's the one with the ax, after all. 

He needs oil to move--and has no heart?  But he loves Dorothy all along quite well without one.  It's love in return he needs, I think, whether in the form of well-oiled care, or actual reciprocal romance.  I imagine he'd prefer both.  I know I do.

Tracey Lander-Garrett was born in the Village of Sleepy Hollow on a dark moonless night. Some of her favorite things are vampires, Dungeons & Dragons, and avocados.  She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband, four cats, and lots of books. She is working on her second novel and currently teaches in the English Department at Borough of Manhattan Community College in New York City. Tracey has had works published in Long River Review, Brooklyn Review, and Mid-America Poetry Review.  

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  1. Tracey is a lovely person and is hugely talented. I'm super proud to have a drawing of mine paired with "The Tin Man's Lament."

  2. I've read the poem and seen the art it's paired with. One of the best spreads in the book! It's terrific, terrific stuff.

  3. She is crazy (literally)...